After 68 years of Cornerstone University being a dry campus, the school has lifted their ban on alcohol for their staff, but not for their students.

The school conducted a 3-year study to determine if they should allow alcohol and/or tobacco and determined that the on campus ban will still be in effect.  But staff would now be allowed to consume alcohol on their own time as long as it isn't with students present.

Cornerstone President Joe Stowell told in an interview that the school considered lifting the ban “Given scripture’s lack of a prohibition against use of alcohol in moderation..."  Faculty and staff are still prohibited from consuming alcohol on campus but are now allowed to imbibe off campus, but are discouraged from "using alcohol in any setting where students are present."

Cornerstone University was founded in 1941 as the Baptist Bible Institute of Grand Rapids, then in 1994 it was renamed Cornerstone College and later Cornerstone University in 1999.

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