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You get the joke. But it's a different cougar we're talking about...
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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has confirmed ten sightings of cougars, also known as pumas or mountain lions so far this year. They have been seen in the Upper Peninsula.
Michigan DNR
The most up-to-date confirmed sighting was in Dickinson County. A trail camera image captured a cougar walking through a forest area. Wildlife officials aren’t certain yet whether that means more of the animals are reclaiming the area as their home.
Photo by John Borrelli on Unsplash
DNR officials say hunters and wildlife enthusiasts often have multiple cameras in different locations, with those devices activating when there is movement. The increase in confirmed reports may come from the recent popularity of “trail” or “game” cameras strapped to trees.
Photo by Bruce Jastrow on Unsplash
The cougar sightings have hit double digits which is the first time since 2019. This latest confirmation brings the total number of confirmed cougar reports to 74 in Michigan since 2008. DNR spokesman John Pepin told the Detroit News it may be the same animal or animals based on some studies as well as the close geographical locations of some sightings.
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
The DNR cannot estimate how many cougars may be in Michigan at any time but presumes that it is a small number. No evidence has been found of a breeding population in Michigan.

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