To be honest, MOST fall yard work is pretty stupid to me. I also live in an apartment, so what do I care?

But a recent report highlights that raking leaves could be a big mistake.

Yahoo Homes says raking your leaves isn't the best thing you can do for your lawn during the winter. Mowing and mulching is way more beneficial to your yard in it's long winter's nap.

"Consider my surprise when I learned that, according to lawn care experts, leaf-raking is an optional exercise. Certainly, a thick layer of leaves should not be left to smother the grass growing beneath. But raking isn't the only—or even the easiest—method of protecting your lawn's health. It turns out that mulching leaves—that is, mincing them to shreds with your lawn mower—is what's best for the health of your lawn. And compared with raking, mulching leaves is much less work."

All those years of tediously raking my mom's lawn. I could have been enjoying a nice hot chocolate. Live and learn.