Even though Halloween will still happen, and trick or treating will more than likely be a thing, big Halloween parties aren’t going to be. So, if you’re looking for something different to get your “fright” on, you may think about staying at the Haunted Felt Mansion.

Yeah, you heard me right, WZZM 13 reports that this year, the Felt Mansion near Saugatuck is offering overnight stays during the scary month of October. Which if you've ever toured it in the day time, it feels pretty creepy according to friends of mine that have spent some time in there.

Prior to this year the estate, which hosts numerous events throughout the year, has offered paranormal tours during October, but never allowed anyone to stay overnight. This year, thanks to COVID-19 (first time we’ve said that as a positive), they are allowing groups of up to twelve people to rent the mansion and carriage house, both to believed to be haunted, overnight. Yes, if you’re super brave you can stay alone if you want.

As WZZM 13 reports that soon after Dorr and Agnes Felt moved into the mansion in 1928, Agnes needed up dying in the mansion. Over in the carriage house, a man named Aid died in there. Patty Meyer told WZZM 13 that in the nineteen years she’s worked inside the mansion and carriage house, she has had quite a few paranormal experiences, especially in the room Agnes died in. She’s also heard doors and windows open and close inside the mansion, as well as once seeing an apparition.

She also told WZZM 13 of an experience that happened in the carriage house,

I was there with a group and I said, 'Aid, are you here.' There was a rake that was leaning up against the wall. It was at an angle where it was very secure. But, when I said, "Aid are you here,' that rake slammed on the ground and the whole group tore out of there at once.

Up until now, outside of events that happen on the grounds, most people have only spent a couple of hours at most during night time hours in the mansion. If you rent the mansion overnight, which is available either weeknights or weekend nights through October, you get to stay on the property from 3 pm to 10 am the next day, which is plenty of time to explore and see what's really going on. That is, if you can manage to stay the entire time without being scared off.

WZZM 13 says you can book an overnight stay on the Felt Mansion’s website feltmansion.org. With the booking, their Facebook page says you also get a psychic medium to visit while you're there. It's not cheap to stay overnight, but if you split it among 12 people, it's pretty affordable to have possibly one of the scariest nights of your life.

I’ve been ghost hunting before but got terrified in an open cemetery, so I’m not sure even with eleven other people I could manage a night at a known haunted place. I'd also be afraid that I might bring a ghost home with me.

If you do stay, please tell us all about it!

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