Several Grand Rapids area businesses have gotten counterfeit money but thankfully the police department has put a stop to it and arrested the people behind the scam.

WZZM reports that the fake money was made at different locations around Kent County

Equipment was used to alter bills to give them higher face values, federal court records show.

Per court documents, one of the suspects, a 43-year-old man, had a machine to make counterfeit bills and was operating out of a motel in Cascade Township and one out of Walker. In addition, someone was also making bills out of a home in Kentwood.

Since 2019, the money has been passed around at major retail chains and small businesses in Grand Rapids, Cascade, Walker, Wyoming, and Cutlerville. This includes:

  • eight (8) $50 bills used at Meijer in Walker
  • Menards and Aldi in Wyoming
  • a thrift store on 68th St. in Grand Rapids
  • a restaurant on Leonard St. in Grand Rapids

The main guy behind the operation is facing the most charges such as making and passing counterfeit money. Both carry a 20-year-prison sentence.

WZZM says this isn't the first time something like this has affected West Michigan. In 2019, three people from Chicago were charged for passing counterfeits around Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, Grand Haven, and Norton Shores. In that particular case, the scammers were disgusting $1 bills as $100 bills. Benjamin Franklin would be offended.

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