Some of these are kinda obvious, but alot of this study is pretty telling. What kind of Halloween costumes couple's wear explain alot about their relationships. TresSugar has the story here: "What Your Halloween Couple Costume Says About Your Relationship"

Here's the meat....

Movie characters ... your typical date includes take-out and a favorite DVD (you have stacks, by the way) or an independent film at the dive theater down the street (Craig: Duh?)

Sexy.. You and your honey take fitness seriously. Your dates involve hiking, biking or camping.

Funny... You're social, outgoing and only spend quality time alone when you're nursing a hangover Sunday morning on the couch

Soft and Cuddly... Your friends miss you because you never come out anymore. Your typical Friday is spent on the couch in your matching snuggies watching a blu-ray

Frightening... You've been together for a while and are not afraid of being who you are around each other

Historical .. You're living in a small apartment while your better half gets through grad school.

Nerdy... The two of you love back-to-back Star Trek and Star Wars marathons that lead to all night discussions on the merits of both. Your ideal vacation is Comic-Con. (Craig: Again...duh?)

It's Minimal... You and your sweety were best friends before hooking up. Your relationship is low-maintenance

It's Political... Your passionate about everything from politics to parties.
(Craig...again: Really? No kidding...)


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