The Late Late show's Craig Ferguson is ending his run as the host of the show at the end of December. He announced yesterday who is last guest will be. It's a another talk how host. Well, former host.

"Jay Leno last hosted the Tonight Show on February 6 of this year – after previously “last hosting it” in May 2009 during the Conan O’Brien debacle – and he’s actually returning to The Tonight Show on Friday night to chat it up with current host Jimmy Fallon. He’s been on the Late Late Show before, as seen in the video below, so it should be a pretty good time, especially if Ferguson is manically treating it like the last day of school."

Other last guests include Tom Lennon and and former SNL star Tim Meadows, who has been on the show 41 times. Guess I wouldn't have guessed that. Farewell Craig. Great name, show was iffy at best.

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