...Movie Reviewer! Ha! It's nice when I get on my little sap box, declare something terrible, and then get it back up by people who really do it. What am I talking about? Last Fall, I saw an ad for the latest Adam Sandler movie called "Jack and Jill". It's like it was only yesterday when I said...(cue the squiggly dream sequence...like on Wayne's World)

"So while watching the 2 and a Half Men premiere with Ashton Kutcher, there was a commercial for Adam Sandler’s new movie “Jack and Jill”. Sandler plays–are you ready–A male and FEMALE character who are siblings. It quite possibly looks to be the WORST movie I have ever seen. And I lived through ALL 7 “Police Academy” movies…PLUS Katie Cruise Holmes is Sandler’s wife…the film equivalent of Ted McGinnley…"

and THEN I made the comment a couple of months later "Although there’s a good chance (Adam's) latest movie Jack and Jill isn’t going to even be close to having 12 million people see it. I’m sorry, but Sandler playing himself AND his sister? Come on…"

Well, the people at the Razzies (the parody of the Oscars celebrating the worst movies of the year) agree with me! From the story "Sandler's "Jack and Jill" goes downhill at Razzies"

"Comic actor Adam Sandler and his movie "Jack and Jill" swept the annual Razzies on Sunday, winning a record-breaking 10 awards for the worst film and performances of 2011. The Golden Raspberry Foundation said the cross-dressing comedy, in which Sandler played both the male and female lead parts, was the first film in the 32-year history of the Razzies to sweep all 10 dishonorable categories."

Yes! All 10 awards...quite possibly the worst movie ever made! So maybe you should listen to my next review...