So Friday I made the trip to Detroit to try out for the daytime version of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". As a self proclaimed "trivia nerd" I thought this would be perfect. I could ace the test and audition. For sure I'd be called to New York to win my million dollars!

Not knowing exactly what to expect, I arrived at Walsh College in Novi at 6am to stand in line to enter the school. While in line a production assistant explained what would happen. "You will take a 30 question test. You will have 10 minutes. Either you know it or you dont. If you pass then you will be interviewed bu the producers. SHOW YOUR PERSONALITY"

At about 6:45 we were let in the college to a lecture hall. a little over 200 people were let in for the first session. Of course I sat next to the guy who at one point started singing--not humming-but full on singing the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" theme. Out loud. In an operatic voice. Never fails. I ALWAYS attract the interesting ones.

Then it was test time. I started rattling off answers. I thought I did ok. Lots I knew...some I figured out. About 5 I just guessed on. I wasn't sure what the French Word for "Window Shopping" was. Guess.

There were a few minutes for question and answers with the producers. "How many taxes are taken out of your winnings?" "When will we hear from the staff when we have to go to New York?" and so on. Then came the announcement of the people moving on. They started announcing your test number. If you heard your number, you went to talk to the producers. If you didnt, thanks you, and you can come back at 5 to take the Movie Week test.

My number was 124. 125 and 126 were announced, but not mine. That was it. All done. Out of 216, 30 had made it, the overwhelming majority of us had not. As we were walking out, and group of 200 was waiting to go in. Wonder if any of THEM sang the theme song while waiting.

Another check off my bucket list. I could try out again if they ever come back or I go somewhere they were again. I didnt walk out empty handed. I DID get a "WWTBAM" Pencil, t shirt AND lip balm. Score. AND I Got to get some White Castle and saw my dear friend Jim. So the trip wasn't a total loss.

What did YOU do Friday?

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