So the second part of my vacation--the Greatest Show On Earth! The Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus at Van Andel Arena. Opening night was Thursday, so I took my kids to see all the fun!

To be honest, I havent been to the Circus i9n probably 30 years. I last saw the circus at Wings Stadium probably in elementary school. So to see all the pageantry that was THIS circus was interesting. Between the MC of the show doing so much singing and all the LED screens AND motocross bike riders...the circus has changed alot since I saw it last.

Here was our circus experience. Minus the protesters outside the arena. Oh yeah, there was some dragon involved too. Not really sure a dragon is a circus animal, but the kids liked it. There also was a midget who had to have courage and heart to slay the dragon. Im not sure the Wizard of Oz people would like that either. But when the midget rode a motorbike he got heart. To slay the dragon. Yes, this was the circus.