Remember What Crystal Pepsi Tastes Like? Me neither, that's why I grabbed this bottle off the shelf.

So, how to describe it.

Hmmm ... my wife buys flavored sparkling waters.

Kinda like that but with a little sweetner.

Or maybe like a REALLY bland Pepsi.

Who knew artificial colors had so much flavoring.

I really don't know.

I mean it really wasn't bad. I drank the rest of the bottle. But will I buy another?

Eh, probably not.

With the release of Crystal Pepsi they also did a Pepsi spin off of Oregon Trail ... they called it the Pepsi Trail looks pretty cool but the website is dead.

Ah well.

People forget how hard it was to win Oregon Trail.

My wife and I bought the Oregon Trail card game. It's hard as heck to win.

Then I won the old computer game MAYBE twice back in the day.

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