What could be better than spending some time cuddling with baby goats? It's not everyday you get that opportunity -- but one west Michigan farm is making it available to you.

Leah Sienkowski, owner of Dreamgoats, started her company a few years back at Ada Christian School. Her original idea was to use goats for land clearing projects. She was going to let the goats clear the poison ivy and turn it into milk.

That original idea then evolved into Sunday night goat hikes -- offering people the chance to go hiking with the goats.

Now, with the addition of 13 new baby goats last month, a new opportunity has presented itself. Sienkowski says the baby goats are "pro cuddlers". They will cuddle each other, they will cuddle with people and they fall asleep in your arms.

Dreamgoats starting offering the goat cuddling in April. People who have scheduled appointments to cuddle with the "kids" (the name given to baby goats) have found it very therapeutic. Sienkowski says when she walks out she finds just silence. Everyone has a goat and they are in their own meditative kind of space.

Baby goat cuddles will be open through the month of May and are scheduled in 40 minute sessions. If you'd like to book a time to visit, you can find more information on goat cuddling by clicking here. Sessions are $20 per person.

If you haven't yet hiked with goats, you can book your spot on one of their community hikes. Each hike is limited to 15 hikers. The hike takes place on a one mile on a rustic, unpaved trail. Hikes begin in June and will continue through November! The cost to hike with goats is $10 per hiker (children must be over 2 years old). You can book your hike here.

For additional information, here is the website for Dreamgoats. They are also on Facebook.

WZZM TV-13 recently did a story on the goat cuddling opportunity...


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