Last weekend, Danny Trejo posted on Facebook that he was in Grand Rapids shooting the movie  “In Stranger Company”.  When he posted on social media, we still weren't quite sure what the movie was about; well now we know a bit more..

“In Stranger Company” is an Indie film based on the book “The Loyalty Treasures” written by Dr. Mark Smith.

According to Fox 17:

The feature follows Mia Stone, a young mother and entrepreneur, who loses her father on a vacation. Five years later, she's faced with an eerie supernatural opportunity to reset her future when she encounters an eerie old man who gives her a second chance at saving her company, marriage, family, and future.

We know Danny is in the movie, he plays the "eerie old man", but now we're finding out that Jesse Metcalf is also in the movie playing a family friend/business partner to the main character.

I know you probably know who he is, but for the one person who will comment, “WHO?” Jesse Metcalf was in the re-boot of “Dallas”, also “John Tucker Must Die” (he was John Tucker), and “Desperate Housewives”.

Fox 17 was able to get on set and talk with the producers and find out more about the movie:


You’ve been warned, when walking around downtown, keep your eyes open for movie stars.  They’re here among us! haha


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