"Attempts" is the key word in that headline.

On Sunday afternoon at Van Andel Arena, Davenport University held its commencement ceremony for this semester.

It went like any regular graduation for the most part - people spoke, talked about the future, and people wore caps and gowns.

It wasn't until they started handing out diplomas that something extraordinary happened. A graduate attempted a back flip. It didn't end well.

Now, I applaud this guy for even trying. I mean I won't even attempt to do a flip on a trampoline for fear of breaking my neck. So, the fact that he was willing to give it a try in front of thousands of people is pretty admirable. I hope his face is OK. (That thud is so loud!)

It was posted by someone named Mark Fay, who may or may not be the flipper in question. I'm sure we'll find out in the coming days.

EDIT: We now know the identity of the mystery flipper! His name is Robert Jeffrey Blank!

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