Lamenting the breakdowns in personal relationships is a tradition in Pink Floyd's music -- and one that continues with 'Louder Than Words,' the sole vocal number from the band's upcoming farewell album, 'The Endless River.'

As previously reported, 'Louder Than Words' serves as a sort of bittersweet look back at the conflicts between band members that derailed Pink Floyd over the years, perhaps most notably the issues that drove Roger Waters out of the lineup in the mid-'80s, prefacing a nasty lawsuit and decades of public rancor. "We bitch and we fight / But this thing that we do / It’s louder than words," reads one portion of the lyrics. "The sum of our parts / The beat of our hearts / It’s louder than words.”

Guitarist David Gilmour opened up a bit about the inspiration for the song during a recent interview with Absolute Radio, saying that his wife, lyricist Polly Samson, definitely had Floyd history in mind when she wrote those words. "She was describing the slightly dysfunctional human relationships that we have in Pink Floyd, and how we don't communicate that well," he said. "We're not that good at talking to each other. We play our instruments together -- there's a communication that speaks louder than words. It was describing that, and she wrote these great words that described our relationship rather well, I thought."

'The Endless River' is out on Nov. 10, and is available for pre-order now. You can listen to the full-length 'Louder Than Words' right here.

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