People drop off a lot of different things at their local Goodwill stores as donations. You will find everything from clothing to electronics to household items.

What you don't normally find are what could be the cremated remains of a few people.

On July 22nd, 2020, someone dropped off two urns at the Cedar Springs Goodwill store. The two urns were dropped off on the same day on two separate occasions. Both urns contain the cremains of what could be someone's relative.

One urn is black and gold and it's in the shape of a small vase. It was wrapped in bubble wrap. The other urn is heart-shaped and brushed silver in color and has the name 'Kate' engraved on it.

One of the Goodwill employees believes one of the urns may have been dropped off by a woman driving a silver Impala, who said she was downsizing and moving into a camper.

They have posted a photo of one of the urns on the Goodwill Industries of West Michigan Facebook page...

They are hoping they can find the owners and get these urns back to where they belong. They are not sure if perhaps they may have been dropped off by mistake.

Some have suggested that the cremains could be that of someone's pets that have passed away.

If you are the owner of either of the urns, or know who might be, you are asked to give the Cedar Springs Goodwill store and donation center a call at (616) 696-1781. Or you can visit the store at 3595 17 Mile Road NE in Cedar Springs.



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