Detroit Lions fans know the name of Dean Blandino very well. That's not a good thing. Blandino's opinions always seem to go against Detroit. Now he's trying to make up with Lions fans.

Dean Blandino is the former NFL Vice President of Officiating. Today, he is a FOX Sports NFL and College Football Rules Analyst. In both positions, he is infamous for finding creative ways to cover up the questionable calls and mistakes of NFL officiating that always seem to work against the Lions. This includes the game-ending play of the Lions/Falcons game on Sept. 24. Blandino conveniently never addressed the fact that the 10-second runoff shouldn't have ended the game since there were 11 seconds left.

Today, Blandino released a video (complete with a mispronunciation of Vernors Ginger Ale) to try to make it all better. It feels like he is only digging himself a deeper hole.

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