Dean Cain, who rose to fame starring as Superman in the TV series 'Lois and Clark' in the early '90s, will be in town filming a movie later this year.

The project is the brainchild of Jason Campbell of JC Films, in conjunction with grand Rapids based charity Mel Trotter Ministries.

According to Grand Rapids Magazine, the movie will be about the dignity of the homeless population in America.

“Dean Cain and I are so excited about coming to Grand Rapids this summer to make this important film,” Campbell told GR Magazine. “As the problems of homelessness increase around our nation, so do the stereotypes, and we hope we can change our perceptions and find solutions through this film project.”


The movie, tentatively titled “One Life at a Time,” aims to highlight both the importance of awareness and the misconceptions of homelessness in West Michigan. The narrative of the film is about how the lives of people who are from different upbringings and socioeconomic status intersect in the most unlikely of places.


“One Life at a Time” will feature local actors and extras. The script will pay tribute to the mission of Melvin E. Trotter, who opened the doors of the nonprofit organization 120 years ago.

if you're interested in possibly landing a role, local auditions will be held April 25. More information is available here:

Cain has acted in other JC Films productions. In addition to 'Lois and Clark, Cain has had roles in over 100 films, four of which will be released this year.

(He also starred in a TV series, 'Clubhouse', about a fictional baseball team, in which he autographed a baseball hat for me, and I promptly lost. Maybe it's with my stuff in the basement, I'm not sure. But I feel bad for losing it because it was cool looking.)



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