You say you're a website devoted to travel and leisure, and yet you have apparently no idea that beautiful beaches exist away from the ocean.

Dear Trip Advisor,

I do enjoy your website, and while my immediate travel plans have been put on hold (thanks, COVID!) I can still dream and your site is a good place for vacation day dreaming.

That being said, your annual list of the best beaches in America lacks a little something. 

Did you know some of the most stunning beaches are on the Great Lakes? It doesn't appear you do, because this year's list of the 25 best beaches couldn't find one not located on an ocean.

I get it. Hawaii is beautiful, especially this time of the year when the rest of us are freezing our tushies off, but you seriously couldn't find one Great Lakes beach could make your list? Really? Have you even ever BEEN to the Great Lakes?

Sure, once every thirty years or so, you throw us a bone by naming a random Great Lakes beach, but there's enough of them here to have at least ONE on there every year.

Oh, I get it, you're afraid of black flies and mosquitoes. That's no excuse, just come in September after they're gone.

What's that? That cool breeze coming off Superior is a little chilly then? Well, you had a Maine beach on your list. Have you ever felt the brunt of a full on Nor'easter? Enough said.

Here's some beautiful, remote Great Lakes beaches to consider.






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