It sounds like a joke, but it actually happened... Why did the deer go to school? Maybe because he couldn't figure out how to attend virtual classes on a computer! It's tough to use a computer and mouse with hooves!

Staff members at Ken-O-Sha School on Van Auken Street SE in Grand Rapids, were greeted by a deer when the arrived at school on Thursday morning, September 24th.

Grand Rapids Public School spokesman John Helmholdt says the deer was in the building for about 20 minutes before authorities were able to open the door to allow it to walk out safely on its own. No door or windows were reported broken.

How did the buck get into the school? It's believed he walked through the front door! Ken-O-Sha School is one of the only schools with a motion-activated door.

Grand Rapids Public Schools had a little fun with the event, posting on their Facebook page: "“When running of the bucks goes wrong! It looks like this buck couldn’t wait to come back to school.”

We have some pretty smart wildlife in Michigan apparently. Here is a story about a duck who every year walked her ducklings through a school in Hartford...

Fortunately in both of these stories, the animals were able to safely exit the school, and no damage was done to the school and the animals were uninjured. Now that the buck has found out there is easy access into the school here in Grand Rapids, I wonder if he will be back to try it again!? It looks like the automatic door could become a "doggie door" for deer!


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