So it's pretty obvious Dennis Leary likes making jokes that might be a little too soon. Leary made a tweet last night about the passing of Dick Clark. Most celebs did. From music stars, to TV stars, even Joan Rivers (Joan Rivers?) tweeted about the TV and entertainment icons death. Then there was Leary.

Dennis had this to say.

""With Dick Clark dead, Casey Kasem now reveling in his status as last and reigning king of leather faced syrup voiced lizard people,"

Ouch. Maybe a bit too soon after Clark's death. So did the "Rescue Me" start stop there. Oh no. Not even close.

""I'm gonna package a Dick Clark Hologram mc'ing a Tupac Hologram summer tour," he tweeted, followed by, "I wanna see Hologram Tupac tour with Hologram Biggie and then both get shot by the actual Suge Knight."

Wow. Maybe he's sniffing gas fumes from those Ford Trucks he used to do voice overs for. I say used to, following the whole Gilbert Godfried/Aflac Duck debacle, don't be surprised if Ford drops him after his pretty insensitive comments. Good Job Dennis. Now all you can hope for is the Bruins win the Cup again. Good Job.


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