Former New York Yankee shortstop and future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter returned to his old neighborhood in Kalamazoo and reflected upon his roots.

Jeter, who now runs his own web site, Players Tribune, which allows athletes to write in their own words their personal stories, recently shared a photo essay about his return to his old neighborhood on the West Side of Kalamazoo.

The court is a place where young people not only can play ball, but at which they can also learn, grow, develop friendships, achieve their goals and discover and channel their passions.  I couldn’t think of a better place to build that kind of space than my hometown, where I once did all those things, as well.

Jeter graduated from Kalamazoo Central High School before being drafted by the Yankees back in 1992. Jeter was also a standout Cross Country runner and basketball player for the Maroon Giants, where he also excelled in the classroom, earning a Scholar Athlete Award.

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