The last playoff win for the Detroit Lions occurred back in 1991, a Divisional round win over the Dallas Cowboys. The game was recently loaded to the NFL's YouTube channel. CBS had a little fun at the Lions expense near the end of the game.

As the Lions were on their way to a 38-6 win, CBS showed a graphic displaying the game's reception leaders. In addition to well known players like Willie Green and Barry Sanders, one pass for 35 years is credited to 'Guy in Stands,' a catch made by a fan of a wayward Erik Kramer pass.

The graphic occurs at 1:28:41, cued up in the video below, and John Madden has some fun running down the names saying "oh and the Guy in the Stands, remember him? He caught one for 35 yards. That guy there. He's still got it!"

The Guy in the Stands
Detroit Lions Guy in Stands

The NFL is the No Fun League? Maybe for the players but apparently not for the broadcasters. As for the Lions, they've gotten used to no respect - even in victory.

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