The Detroit Lions have recently received a redesigned logo...and a name change. The new brand was debuted on the Lions TikTok account. It came from Emily Zugay. Here's a look at the style.

Detroit Lions-TikTok
Detroit Lions-TikTok

Let's break this down:

At first, it's hard to tell if she's serious. Emily Zugay is a TikToker with nearly 100 thousand followers. She has a head for dry comedy but with her blonde hair and pretty face, many people stereotype her has ditzy. Nope, kids, this is an act. She calls herself a mince to sicodity.

Most of her posts are of her struggling with ordinary things. In one of her biggest efforts, she is seen trying to open a tube of crescent rolls with a can opener.


@emilyzugay1/10♬ original sound - Emily’

She has recently been retooling logos for major brands like NASA, NASCAR, Ocean Spray and even TikTok. The great lakes show up in her freshened Ocean Spray logo. 

@oceanspray Testing out our new look @emilyzugay ♬ to the salon - 🍄 73.2K mushrooms 🍄

Zugay decided to give our football team a new look and a new name. The Detroit Lions are now the detriot lines. She says the existing logo needed to be simplified quite a bit. She said that she cleaned it up and it will look nice on jerseys and helmets. A box of t-shirts with the new emblem was sent to the players.

D'Andre Swift of the Lions said it was "interesting". The players said "This is what NOT to do." Another one called the t-shirt cheap. They were laughing and playing along. The Official Detroit Lions TikTok account even changed their logo and gave her props. They asked,

"Can we all give Emily's TikTok a huge round of applause?"

You can watch the levity unfold here:

@detroitlionsReply to @emilyzugay Safe to say your redesign was a huge hit 😌 ##DetroitLions ##OnePride ##nfl♬ original sound - Emily’

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