Don't look now but it's been almost three years since a Detroit sports franchise has won a playoff game. That's the worst drought since a six year skid from 1978-1984.

The saddest part of this is that there seems to be no end in sight for the skid.

Brian Manzullo writes in the Detroit Free Press that the last playoff win was a Red Wings win in the NHL Playoffs 1000 days ago on April 17, 2016.

The Detroit Pistons also made the payoffs that year, but failed to win a game, going down in four straight to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Detroit Tigers haven't won a playoff game since October of 2013.

And the Lions, well, that's been a den of sadness since 1992.

There seems little end in sight. The Lions finished last season at 6-10, and traded away their best receiver. Sure, they could strike gold in the draft, but that's a long shot.

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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The Pistons seemed playoff bound this season, but now have dropped 9 of their last 11 and are out of the playoff picture for the time being.

The Red Wings are next to last in the NHL and would be better off tanking in hopes of nailing #1 prospect Jack Hughes.

The biggest slump between playoff wins was 1978-84 when Detroit sports teams went 2358 days between post season wins.

At least we have college basketball, where Michigan and Michigan State are both in the top ten.



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