People keep piling on Detroit. But this one is inherently false.

WalletHub compared the 116 biggest cities in the U.S. using 10 key metrics, like employment rates, average workweek hours, percentage of unused vacation time, and average commute.

Based on that, the 10 hardest-working cities are:  Anchorage, Alaska . . . Washington, D.C. . . . San Francisco . . . Virginia Beach . . . Irving, Texas . . . Cheyenne, Wyoming . . . Norfolk, Virginia . . . and then three more Texas cities:  Austin, Plano, and Dallas.

Out of all of the cities they looked at, Detroit ranked dead last, followed by Burlington, Vermont . . . Newark, New Jersey . . . Buffalo . . . and Bridgeport, Connecticut.

While several cities similar in size to Grand Rapids, like Fort Wayne, are rated, GR was surprisingly left off the survey.

So, in addition to having to watch their old quarterback win a Super Bowl for his new team, now this: they're lazy and don't work hard?

One thing I think WalletHub needs to know. When you're unemployed (at least in my case), you end up working twice as hard just to try and get a job.

And in an environment like Detroit where some types of jobs like manufacturing are lacking, some people have to develop several side hustles to stay afloat. Why is that not counted?

The study did reveal one sad fact: Americans work way harder than other countries in the Western world, with many Americans never using their vacation time, and working longer hours for less pay than Europeans.

Do longer hours mean more productivity? No say several experts involved in Wallet Hub's study. Which you can read here.

Here's Christine Neylon O'Brien, Professor of Business Law, Carroll School of Management – Boston College weighing in on that last question:

Not necessarily. It depends upon the type of work the person is doing and how each person works. For deep thinking, research and innovation, it is important to have blocks of time to focus on gathering information and analysis, in order to come up with new ideas and recommendations, to be productive and successful at it. The need to collaborate might also dictate some time together, either in an office or through zoom or google meet, etc.



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