What changes do you want to see come to downtown Grand Rapids? Earlier this year, we heard about plans for a possible movie theater and a grocery store in downtown. Now we could also be seeing some major changes to the city's skyline.

According to the Grand Rapids Business Journal, expansion of DeVos Place, a soccer stadium, and a new hotel are all projects being considered by Grand Action, a business-based nonprofit, responsible for Van Andel Arena, Civic Theatre, Downtown Market, and more. 

The Grand Action commissioned a "Grand Rapids Destination Asset Study" to determine ways in which Grand Rapids could continue to become a "top tier visitor destination" in the coming years.

The study found expansion of DeVos Place Convention Center would be important for Grand Rapids, along with a hotel with up to 500 rooms to help accommodate guests who visit DeVos.

The study also suggests Grand Rapids would be a great home for a Men's United Soccer League team.

Other projects being considered are supporting the Grand River restoration plan, creating more outdoor and adventure opportunities, and improving downtown transportation options.

Find out more about Grand Action's study and possible future plans for Grand Rapids on the Grand Rapids Business Journal's website.