Quentin Hines, a former Patriots running back, hosted an event at Mount Clemens High School that may or may not have included a stripper, depending on who you talk to...

Hines Was Holding A Recruiting Event For His Football League

Hines was at the Mount Clemens High gym for what was referred to as "Peezy's Sweetie's Day Bash", which was moved indoors following inclement weather at the Pontiac football stadium originally scheduled to hold the event.

Hines runs and recruits for a football league called the Rivals Professional Football League. The event was staged to get athletes interested in joining it.

However, the event ran afoul of school authorities when a scantily-clad woman appeared and began twerking and performing other iffy moves in front of a shirtless man who was identified as rapper OT Rell.

Video of the incident was posted to Rell's YouTube page not long after. (Video is kinda NSFW)

The video comes off as more sad than titillating. The woman and Rell seem to be trying way too hard to be hot, and the truth is, the video is NOT hot. In the least.

My favorite comment to the video sums it all up:

Dude is high as hell and having a midlife crises in the middle of the gym.

OT Rell via YouTube
OT Rell via YouTube

Hines Says The Woman Was 'Underdressed', But Not A Stripper

We can get into semantics here, but Hines says the woman was not a stripper, but a dancer who showed up for her performance 'underdressed'. One might argue that that is kind of the definition of a stripper, but at any rate, the dance she performed was a bit inappropriate for a function at a public high school.

"I don't think she was a stripper. She was one of her dancers that was underdressed, and it's unfortunate," Hines told FOX 2 News. "I did not know that someone would come that underdressed to dance with him."

Hines apologized for the incident and said "we are very sorry, but we are still going to be a platform for up-and-coming artists."

OT Rell via YouTube
OT Rell via YouTube

Mount Clemens Community Schools has apologized for hosting the event, which you can tell from the photos was not well attended. The event was not sponsored by the school, and there were no students present at the event.

They have also banned Hines' organization from using school facilities from now on.

The school's athletic teams are known as the Battling Bathers, so maybe the young (?) lady was just taking a bath. Without a tub. Or water.

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