A high school football coach from Fennville is under investigation after an incident that happened during their game Friday night against Coloma.

After an altercation between some players on the field, another altercation allegedly happened between Fenville head coach Brian Sackett and a senior player occurred. Chris Hicks, a parent who was attending the game, told WZZM-13 that:

He grabbed a hold of him the collar area the neck area of his pads and he was shaking him as he was yelling at him. The kid tries to say something back and he says 'shut up, shut up' and at one point the kid's had enough, so he tries to get loose and get away. The coach drags him back and shaking and yelling at him.

So now, Fennville Schools are investigating the incident. While many parents expressed their displeasure with the situation, others are saying that this is "what happens in football", and if parents don't want their kids treated that way during a game they should "get [their] child in a different sport." But is this what happens in football? And is it okay for a coach to treat a student (a child) in this manor?

Of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but if this is what happened, did the coach cross a line, or is it "just football". Let us know by voting in the poll below!

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