Even though he's from Chicago, I'll refrain from calling him a FIP, because he seems kind of nice.

John C. Reilly Was In Rothbury For A Little Getway

The star of 'Step Brothers' and the way underrated 'For The Love Of The Game' stopped by Mac's Meats and Country Bakery near Rothbury, probably to feed his grill with some steaks.

The actor posed with a couple of the teenaged employees, who may or may not be related to Matt Gale, the owner of Mac's. The photo op was posted to the store's Facebook page. It appears that John leans a little Amish in his summer wear.

Macs Meats via Facebook
Macs Meats via Facebook

By the way, Mac's, which is 'inconveniently' located between New Era and Rothbury on Oceana Drive, has a great reputation among locals for their quality meats, so if you're ever up there, stop by for some BarBQ fare.

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John Must Have Waited Until Electric Forest Was Over To Visit

John's family owns a home near Silver Lake in Oceana County and is routinely spotted around the area in the summertime, and from the reports of various sightings in the comments, is usually quite gracious when approached.

Being a Chicago native, and given the amount of Windy City second homers who frequent the Lakeshore, he's probably familiar with this side of the Big Lake.

Reilly has had a long and illustrious career in films, most notably the hit and oft-quoted comedy 'Step Brothers' with Will Farrell, the pseudo-biopic 'Walk The Line', and the oddball character, Steve Brule, he created for Adult Swim's 'Tim and Eric's Awesome Show'.

Here's Reilly As Gus Sinski Delivering The Famous 'We Got Your Back' Speech

I always loved him as Detroit Tigers catcher Gus Sinski in the underrated baseball drama, 'For The Love Of The Game', where he handled Kevin Costner's Billy Chapel as he was tossing a no-hitter in his last Major League game.

If you've never seen the film, John delivered a pep talk to Kevin that was both heart warming and corny at the same time. That's why I love this movie!

George Wendt of 'Cheers' fame also owned a home in the Oceana County area and was routinely sited in that area every summer, and was equally gracious to the locals.

He even talked to us once when I was doing mornings years ago at 104.5 Sunny-FM.

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