Father's Day was Sunday. Did you forget about dad (or your husband?) Well, don't worry, we have you covered. We scoured through the free stuff on Grand Rapids' Craigslist and found a bunch of free stuff the dad in your life will LOVE.

In fact, you can probably put together an entire man-cave just with these free things (full disclosure - we have no idea if these things work, so pick them up at your own risk).

  • 1

    This Pool Table

    You have to travel a bit to pick this one up, as it's located in Saugatuck, but it's totally worth it because what dad wouldn't want a pool table?!? Not only do you get the table, you get two sets of balls, several sticks, chalk, and more!

  • 2

    This TV

    Maybe dad needs a new TV? This may not be the most current (or small) TV in the world, but dad can't complain because it's a gift (that's how it works, right?) Also, it's old enough that the remote probably isn't TOO complicated. (Disclaimer: we don't actually know if the TV comes with a remote.)

  • 3

    This Dirty Grill That 'Works Fine'

    The description really says it all with this one. It's a totally fine grill, the owner just got a new one. So, they'll give it to you, but they're not going to clean it first. Dad won't mind, though. Dads love standing in front of the grill holding onto random grilling instruments, so he'll love being able to use that brush to clean some stranger's leftover meat off of the grates.

  • 4

    This Jacuzzi Tub

    If there's one thing that we know about dads, it's that they have a lot of aches and pains. Why do we know? Because they tell us about them. All the time. In detail. So, help dad out with this jacuzzi tub. It even has a waterfall faucet.

  • 5

    This Kitten

    Theoretically, you and all of your siblings have left your parents' house to go out and conquer the world. So, you know what dad needs? More living things to take care of. May we suggest this free Manx kitten? There are actually three of them (all of whom seem to enjoy hanging out on top of a trash can), and we're not exactly sure if they're a package deal or not.