So did you feel or hear the big boom on Saturday morning somewhere between 6 and 7 am? (The wide time frame is because accounts of the happening have had varied times reported.)

Users on both the 'Nextdoor' app and Facebook’s group “We Are Westsiders” were talking about hearing a loud boom and plenty of people also talked about how it rattled their windows, shook their house, or startled them or their pets. 

The original post from Thomas Konieczki on the  "We Are Westsiders" Facebook group,

Just heard a loud explosion over here on the West side I live over on 3rd anybody else hear that pretty loud”

And the original question that was posted on the Nextdoor App by user Mike Westrate,

Loud boom Saturday morning. Did anyone else hear or feel anything on Saturday morning about 6:30? I was in the bathroom and felt it, and my wife said it woke her up. Felt the house shake. Near Valley/Myrtle. Didn’t sound like the typical Pitsch/Padnos noise.

And what’s weird is, reading the comments, people felt or heard the boom all over the west side but also north of downtown. The area affected is quite large, especially for a major news story not to have happened regarding an explosion somewhere.

Check out some of the locations around the city that heard or felt the boom, as posted on comments on the "We Are Westsiders" group,

“Yes Richmond and Alpine”

“I heard it and I’m by Wilson and lk Michigan.”

“Heard it in Comstock Park”

“Heard at 4 mile and Bristol. Shook the house.”

“I heard it by Leonard and Remembrance”

“I'm by 5th 3rd ball park and heard it, was like was that an explosion cause it sure sounded like it.”

And here are a few responses from the Nextdoor app status,

"Yes! Widdicomb near Sylvia. Thought my furnace had violently kicked the bucket. Woke me up and felt house shake."

"We heard it at College and Leonard!"

"I thought it was a car crash but looked out and nothing..Ann and Plainfield"

"My husband and I both heard it also by Ann and Coit"

"We heard it - Monroe and Graceland. Loud and everything was shaking!"

Yep! Was walking the recycling bin back to my garage and i jumped about 5 feet in the air! Richmond/Oakleigh

So what happened? There hasn’t been a major news story, and the "Kent County Scanner - I heard Sirens" Facebook group didn’t have anything major reported either.

So that is THE question of the weekend. A lot of people are saying that it was a propane tank that accidentally got put into the shredder (usually hidden in other things being shredded as propane tanks are not supposed to be shredded) at Padnos Metal Recycling on Turner St. although it was 6:30 on a Saturday morning, which seems early to be shredding.

Another theory I came across and could explain what happened was from Zack Burkum and Paul William, who both threw out the possibility that maybe it was a meteorite that exploded as it entered our atmosphere. Which does happen from time to time, you know, shooting stars, to really big ones like the one in Russia a few years back that was a super bright fireball as it came to Earth. Although you’d think someone would have pictures or video of it if this was the case, which maybe they do, I haven’t come across it yet. I feel like that would go viral pretty quick, cause it had to be a sight to see.

Unfortunately, I have no answers either. So if you have an outdoor camera, maybe check the footage and see if it caught something early Saturday morning.  Or if you have an idea of or know what it was, let us know?

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