ALF was a TV series that ran from 1986-1991, but did you know the alien puppet had a huge singing career in Germany? It's true, and scary.

When the show was translated into German, a man by the name of Tommi Piper voiced the cat hating alien whose real name was Gordon Shumway.

Propelled by show's popularity in Germany, Piper recorded two albums and had four hit singles as the German ALF, the weirdest of which was a song called “ALF Wird Unser Bundeskanzler,” which allegedly means “ALF Will Be Our Chancellor.”

I assume this song was intended for children, who made up the bulk of the fans of the comedy show, but it sounds awfully sinister when you don't speak German, and the voices could be chanting about anything, like, I don't know, invading Poland?

My only hope is that in translation, it sounds less threatening. If you speak German, perhaps you could translate it for us.

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