Today is George Washington's Birthday, and recently I stumbled upon an article about a giant George Washington bust made of metal in a field in northern Michigan.

But who knew there was a Gerald Ford head, too?

The Washington bust is the work of Tom Moran of Moran Iron Works, which is located near Onaway, which is just south of the bridge in potato farming country.


Tom has run a successful iron forging and industrial welding business for years in Northern Michigan, and he also dabbles in art.

He created the giant George Washington head for the field surrounding the family business back in 1998, and it has become a roadside attraction ever since. It is located on Michigan Route 33/68 just west of Onaway.

But he has since created a few more Presidential heads in the years since. In 2012, Tom completed his giant Gerald Ford bust, which now sits at Awakon Park in Onaway, alongside a bust of Abraham Lincoln and the head from the Statue of Liberty.

The giant busts were featured on the web site, which features, well, things you can find along the side of the road in America, but the site makes it unclear where to find Jerry's giant head.

Here's a photo I found which shows that Jerry's Giant Head was in town for some sort of parade at some point.

You're welcome. And happy George Washington's birthday to all of you!

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