One thing Grand Rapids has never had is a lot of street performers. In some cities you will find various performers on street corners looking to make a few tips.

In Clearwater, Florida there was a street magician who tried to pull off a disappearing trick that earned him a trip to the slammer. What did he do? Did he saw someone in half? Did he pull too many rabbits out of a hat? No, he tried to make a woman's bikini disappear.

The illusionist named Richard Cook was performing his magic when he asked for a volunteer from the crowd. A bikini-clad woman agreed to assist Cook in his act. He explained that he was going to make a scarf disappear into thin air from his hand. As part of the set up, he told the lady to hold her hands out in front of her. At that point the “magician” reached over and untied the bottoms of the volunteer’s bikini.

The woman was able to grab her suit before exposing herself. She explained that she no longer want to be part of this magic act. Cook persisted and did the same thing again.

The woman ran to a police officer who then arrested Mr. Cop-A-Feel (Get it? Like magician "David Copperfield"...oh never mind). The man has served six stints in the Florida state prison system for past convictions. This time, he’s been charged with felony battery. He’s being held on a $2,500 bond.

Maybe for his next trick he’ll try to escape from jail…

Here’s more on the vanishing bikini-bottom magician from WFLA.

Here’s another magician who failed miserably on the streets. At least this guy didn’t do anything illegal…

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