Players get ejected from sporting events all the time. The basketball player with too many fouls, the baseball player who argues a call against him, or the football player who kicks another player on the ground. All of these actions can get you removed from the game. Now a ballpark DJ in the minor leagues can say that he, too, has been ejected!

Derek Dye, a DJ intern on with the Daytona Cubs who is on summer break from the University of Illinois, played "Three Blind Mice" after a close call during the Cubs/Fort Myers Miracle game, and was immediately tossed out of the game by home plate umpire Mario Seneca. Listen to the announcers when they figure out what's going. One of them sounds like he's just met Michael Phelps and Mike gave him a couple of medals!

The full story on Yahoo talks about other famous non-players being kicked out of games, but this is about the funniest, and best one yet! If you are a DJ, and you get under the umps skin that much, you have earned that intern credit in one night! Good job Derek!