The State of Michigan just celebrated National Unclaimed Property Day, and they’re just begging for people to go online and see if the state has the property that belongs to them. And it’s easy.  

You just go to the Michigan Unclaimed Property website, enter your name, city, and zip code, and instantly see what property, which rightfully belongs to you, that has been sitting in the “Vault of Lost Things” in Lansing. In my case, I got the same message that I usually get when I scan my lotto ticket, “Sorry. Not A Winner.” 

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So just how does the State of Michigan get these unclaimed treasures? The millions of dollars of assets are properties that were all turned over to the state after they were determined to be abandoned as required by law. 

This includes lost or forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks, valuables left in safe deposit boxes, and stock certificates. The state becomes the custodian of these assets, and its goal is to reunite them with their owners, or the owner’s heirs. Yes, that fabled term that drifts through our minds whenever we are strapped for bucks... HEIRS!! Some kindhearted person may have left you a fortune, and you don’t even know it!! 

And it’s not a rare occurrence for unknown property owners to learn of their fortunes. The State of Michigan has returned more than $500 million in property to the rightful owners over the past five years. 

By just CLICKING THIS LINK, you may learn of your lost or forgotten treasures within seconds! Or, for those of you who lack the technology, simply call (517) 636-5320 between 9 AM-2 PM.  

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