A restaurant specializing in waffles, coffee and cocktails is opening this week at 43 W. Fulton Street in the downtown Marriott Hotel.

Social Misfits will feature 12 different specialty waffles, in addition to artisanal coffees and unique cocktails.

The restaurant will open today, Monday, December 20 at 3:00pm in a ground floor space of the Marriott Downtown flat iron building, right next to the newly opened Wahlburger's restaurant.

Social Misfits is the brain child of owner Spencer Raymond and chef Philip Speer. The waffles will be available in both sweet and savory flavors, like the 'The Dope One', which will feature mushrooms, porcini and fried egg, and the 'Yasuke', which will have ramen in the waffle, plus soft-cooked egg, scallion and furikake.

The menu is available to peruse online at thesocialmisfits.com.

“Each creation and combination has its own story to tell — one of inclusivity, nonconformity and (the) independent spirit,” Raymond told the Grand Rapids Business Journal.

The restaurant coffee selections will be handled by Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company and will feature pour overs, as well as a selection of espresso, cold brews and custom made drinks.

The cocktail menu was created by mixologist Lauren Paylor and includes drinks like the Fay-Go Grape Pop, which features hibiscus infused gin, concord grape juice, and lemon.

Raymond says he created the concept with an “anytime refuge and safe space to anyone who may have ever felt a little out of step with the world” top of mind.

If you're looking to go to Social Misfits to catch up on the news, or watch a game, forget it, there will be no TV monitors in the restaurant.

Raymond told WOOD-TV, “I didn’t put a TV in this restaurant for a reason. I feel like it takes away from that conversation that should be had when you’re going out and enjoying a meal with somebody or enjoying a cocktail with somebody or a cup of coffee and getting to know, you know, getting to know somebody better or meeting up with friends.”

The restaurant will have kind of a "speakeasy" vibe, and there will be lots of pop culture art featured as well.

So let's greet them with our favorite waffle song. You know the one!

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