Over the last couple of weeks, the name "Big Sid" has come up in conversation with a few different people. Do you remember Standale's "Big Sid"?

I'm beginning to realize that "G.R." doesn't necessarily have to stand for "Grand Rapids". Instead it can also stand for "Grand Reminiscing" -- people in this area love to look back at some of the news stories in our past, and re-live those details.


Such is the case of "Big Sid". The story goes back to the summer of 1978. There was a traveling circus in town and one of their star attractions, "Big Sid", had escaped from his cage. "Sid" was a 7 year old, 20 foot python who tipped the scales at 140 pounds.

The snake remained on the loose in Standale for almost a month before he was caught. Standale became known as "The Home of Big Sid" and many businesses capitalized on the interest in the area by creating "Big Sid" t-shirts or naming pizzas or doughnuts after the snake.

"Big Sid" was finally found and captured on July 24th, 1978. After his capture he was on display at the newly renamed sidewalk sale -- the "Standale Sid-walk Sale".

I posted this story on my personal blog a few days ago and was amazed at the response. I even had some interesting comments from the wife of the man who wrestled "Big Sid" when he was found, store owners, and other people who somehow played a part in this story.

If you would like to stroll, or slither, down memory lane as well...here is the link!

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