I was hanging out at my house with some friends this past weekend and we were listening to some new records that we had just picked up (Santana's "Inner Secrets" and Robert Palmer's "Sneaking With Sally Through the Alley," just to name a few) and it got me thinking about my first turntable. Do you remember yours?

Currently there are more turntables than there are people living at my house. I myself have two turntables plus a few in storage, my best friend has another two turntables of her own, and our roommate downstairs has another turntable.

Three roommates, five turntables!

My most treasured turntable is the one I got on my 16th birthday. Nothing special, just a Fisher turntable unit with a double cassette deck and AM/FM radio, but my favorite part is the story that goes along with it:

It was my 16th birthday and a few weeks earlier I had stumbled across my dad's copy of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl (need I say more?)

I was desperate to play the album, but didn't have anything to play it with!

On the day of my birthday I got home from school and was just chilling in the kitchen, catching my mom up on my day when she walked into the other room. A few seconds later she came back and we picked up our conversation right where we had left off.

I started to hear this loud thump and what sounded like a helicopter; I just figured it was some outside noise.

So we continue our conversation and this noise gets louder and louder- you probably know where I'm going with this!

What I was hearing was the opening track, "Speak to Me" from Dark Side of the Moon!

I walked into the next room just as the next track, "Breathe", started to play and lo and behold there was my first setup right before my very eyes! Thanks mom!

Nine years, 200 records, and five turntables later and I'm still going strong.

So when did you get your first turntable?

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