I just feel like I don't get enough Michigan tourism and dog videos in my life. This video covers both bases. Oh, and obviously, Bandit (the dog) is a good boy.

To celebrate National Dog Day we took Bandit out for a trip around Grand Haven with a GoPro attached to a harness on his back. We visited downtown, the boardwalk, the pier, an ice cream shop, and the dog beach.

VisitGrandHaven via youtube

Well, if you don't know anything about me know this. I'm not a hard news kind of guy. I read some of the terrible things that happen around the world and it bums me out. That's why I love animal videos so much.

Also, the fact that I'm still learning all about the Mitten still as I moved here a year ago, I try to watch as many videos about the state as possible, so I know places to go and things to see.

I will say, I did make a trip this past summer to Grand Haven's beach and had a fantastic time. We really enjoyed the trip, but we didn't spend much time driving around the city of Grand Haven. We just splashed around in the lake then went to eat at a taco stand (that was out of this world good) and drove back to Grand Rapids. It was fun, but judging by this video, I missed out on a lot of things to see in town!

I guess now I know better! Thanks Bandit!