Even though she's close to a hundred years old, Dolly Parton is still a pretty big star. I mean, how many people have an amusement park named after them?

And when we are talking about the Ice Bucket challenge, she's pretty big too. "Dolly Parton Calls Her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a ‘Wet T-Shirt Contest’

Parton enlisted two of her nieces to do the dumping, and they appeared happy to help out. The songstress even shared a photo of the girls when they were little, kissing their aunt, but now, “they’re willing to drown me.”
Before she let them do the dumping, Parton removed her earrings, her pink scarf and her plastic shoes. “They’re plastic,” she explains of her shoes, adding, “but then again, so is the rest of me — but that’s besides the point.”
Her nieces replaced the melted ice in their buckets while Parton wiggled in anticipation. Naturally, as soon as she was soaking wet, she let out a scream. The songstress encouraged others to get in and donate before making one last joke at Rogers’ expense.
“Yes, I have on a bra,” she reveals. “Kenny, you have to pay extra for the wet t-shirt contest.”

Ha! Here's Dolly and the 480 gallons needed to do her bucket challenge.

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