Instead of throwing away your pumpkin seeds, save them and bake them for a delicious treat.

Many are carving their pumpkins this week in preparation for Halloween day. Most people just take out the pumpkin goo (not sure if that is the technical term but that is the one my son and I use) and seeds and throw them away.

Not so fast on throwing the pumpkin seeds away. They are a cool snack that you and your kids can make together.

First you need the seeds, so if you kids are big enough to help out, you can carve the pumpkin while the kids get the seeds from the pulp or goo as I like to call it. My son and I got most of the pulp off of the seeds. We then soaked them in salt water for 24 hours.

Then, you drain the excess water and spread them out on a baking pan to dry. I put aluminum foil on my baking pan but you don't have to.

Every recipe is different from using melted butter or olive oil so you can decide. I went with melted butter. I actually melted the butter then dumped the seeds in the butter while the oven was pre-heating at 300 degrees.

I put some salt and some garlic powder in with the melted butter and I did this to my taste and you can as well.

I mixed the butter, salt, garlic powder and pumpkin seeds together and once the seed soaked it all up the oven was ready.

Spread the seeds out on the baking sheet. Set your oven timer at 45 minutes. You should turn the seeds over at least once while baking. I actually set the baking time to half way then turned the seeds over and re-set the timer for the second half of the bake.

My seeds turned out delicious for eye balling all the ingredients. I learned a little less butter for next year.

Here is a link that will get you to a whole bunch of pumpkin seed recipes.

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