I came across some surprising news the other day while perusing through an article on WOOD-TV talking about new businesses slated to open in GR during 2020 and saw that soon J Gardella's will be no more as it's now slated to become a new gastropub this spring.

A little shocking, until you see that J. Gardella's has been listed for sale on commericalexchange.com and currently says "sale pending".  Soon, dancing on the 2nd floor is going to just be a memory.

According to WOOD-TV, new owners Elizabeth and Andy Rosario are going to change the restaurant, with the oldest storefront in historic downtown Grand Rapids into The Meat Up Gastropub.  The plan is to create a 3 story lounge-style gastropub that serves Argentian cuts of meat as well as "ceviche, fusion dishes and vegan “meats.” "

The Meat Up Gastropub will still have liquor as well, as they will retain the liquor license in the sale.

The new owners also have some pretty big plans for the inside of the building which includes adding an elevator that will take you to a rooftop patio, which will all be new.

WOOD-TV says the plan is to open as the gastropub sometime in March of this year.

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