Here's what it looks like to fly over a software simulation of Grand Rapids. It's a little too real for my comfort.

Flight Simulators are used to train pilots to handle any navigational situations they might encounter. But Microsoft has had a flight simulator anyone could buy and install on their home computer or gaming system.

This software reproduces every city in the US.

Here's a flyover of Grand Rapids by a guy using the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

They guy narrating is from Saginaw and seems vaguely familiar with the area, although he admits he hasn't been here 'in seven years'.

He mentions he lived in Ludington and Allegan County for a time. He gives a shout out to Hudsonville Ice Cream.

Can I tell you, while it's interesting to see familiar places depicted on software, it's a little creepy at the same time. We're pretty close to being in the Matrix, aren't we? Or maybe we already are!!!

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