The Farm to Table craze has been going on for over a decade. The idea is to Support Local Restaurants and businesses that have relationships with Michigan Farms or producers and then sell food, cheese and other items that's grown within 150 miles of home. This helps reduce your carbon footprint on the earth and Michigan has a lot to offer from local wineries, breweries, farms, cattle, fisheries and cheese too.

Let's take that concept to the Vineyards of Michigan and Drink Local from Farm to Your Table. After all Wine Makers are Farmers too.


DOMAINE BERRIEN CELLARS 2016 LEMBERGER - LAKE MICHIGAN SHORE: While they are also members of the Rhone Rangers and produce dry reds of the grapes from that French region like Syrah, Marsanne, Roussane and Viognier. Their Lemberger is nothing like, reviews point to aroma of molasses, plum and dark cherry. Great with Pork Chops. Retail Price $18 and is for sale around GR like House of Wine or maybe you want to visit. Located at 398 E. Lemon Creek Rd, Berrien Springs, MI that's just 75 miles from GR. Tasting Room Open Daily 12-5PM for groups of 6 MAX and their is outdoor seating and dogs are welcome.

Domaine Berrien Cellars - Lemberger. Winery located 75 miles from GR.

GOOD HARBOR VINEYARDS - UNOAKED CHARDONNAY: Family Farmed since 1980 on the Leelanau Pennisula just 2 miles east of the Lake Michigan Coast. I've had this Chardonnay several times and it is so refreshing with a very crisp finish. Love it on Summer Days. And retail is only $15. They also produce Riesling, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Noir. And in smaller quantities Merlot, Sauginon Blanc and Cab Franc. This Time of year tasting room is open 7 days a week and for $8 dollars you'll get to sample 5 wines. Little farther drive about 150 miles from GR.

Good Harbor Chardonnay is very crisp and only $15

CHATEAU GRAND TRAVERSE - GAMAY NOIR: This winery was founded in 1974 and their goal is to produce world-class Reisling wines in Northern Michigan. Gamay is the grape in Beaujolais and Noir is French for Black - so this is a Dark Beaujolais wine, which means it will be fruity and possibly tart. Serve a little cooler in the 60-64 degrees this summer. Produces in small quantity and is the most expensive wine reviewed. Winery open 7 days a week. No reservations needed for Tastings. First Come - First Served and only $5 per person. 145 miles from GR.

Chateau GRAND TRAVERSE - Gamay Noir Limited.