As of Monday, October 1st driver responsibility fees in Michigan have officially come to an end, and Secretary of State offices are preparing for a rush and long lines.

A bill was passed in March forgiving over 300K drivers for fees owed to the state. A driver responsibility fee was automatically applied if you were caught driving without a license or other various traffic violations. People who weren't able to the pay the fee got their license suspended.

According to WXYZ Detroit, almost $650 million is being forgiven. Because of that, residents who had their license taken away can now apply to get it reinstated. The $125 reinstatement fee will be waived from October 1st until the end of the year. This only applies if you don't have any other open suspensions or tickets that still need to be paid for. So make sure to get those taken care of first before heading to the SOS office.

Here's a list of FAQ regarding the DRF.

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