Oopsie. This ice fisherman was missing one crucial thing...

Well, two if you count driving sober.

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Police in northern Wisconsin shared a photo to Facebook over the weekend after a drunk dude tried to drive his truck out on a lake that WAS NOT FROZEN YET and set up his ice fishing shanty.

As you might have guessed, his truck and ice shack trailer ended up half underwater.

Also, as you may have guessed, booze was involved. Cops arrested him for drunk driving.

Apparently, the man is fine, thank goodness.

Now, the Barron County Sheriff's Office says they've had a *few* nights dip below freezing, and there's been *some* frost... but uh, yeah, it's definitely not ice fishing season yet:

Look, OK yeah it got below freezing the last couple nights, and OK yeah the frost has made an appearance, and sure we love ice fishing as much as everyone else… BUT, and this is important….
Please keep the shacks at home for the time being, let’s enjoy fall while it’s still here yeah? We will have plenty of time to freeze our butts off in the dead of winter.

A good reminder to not get so wasted this Halloween weekend that you attempt ANYTHING similar.

To steal some hashtags from the Barron Country Sheriff's Office:



And considering Wisconsin is just a hop across Lake Michigan it's a good reminder to us Michiganders:


Now, when it IS ready, there's plenty to watch out for while ice fishing - even if you're not drunk - like the 66 anglers who became stranded on Lake Michigan ice floes last year and had to be rescued by the Coast Guard.

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