It's always sad to see a local brewery go belly up, so when Spring Lake's Dutch Girl Brewery went under in March, many mourned the loss.

But, if you wind up getting a great price on a plastic torso, it's all good, right? is handling the auction for the Dutch Girl Brewing Company's liquidation. Of course, there's plenty of great brewing supplies to be had, including kegs, fermenters, and pressure hoses, but there's also some interesting knick knacks from the place that may be available at super low cost.

Here are my five favorites.

1. Assorted Wooden Shoes -- These aren't run of the mill wooden shoes, these are art. Handcrafted wooden shoes with various designs, including one from a Lakeshore radio station that doesn't exist any more. At least on that frequency. You can get 80 shoes for about five bucks, if your bid holds.

2. Men's Room Art -- It takes the skill of a real artist to hold your attention while you get rid of some beer, so you know this is quality stuff featuring soldiers, flags and some kind of weird ad from the '50s.

3. Human Torso Shelving -- Far be it from me to critique anyone's sense of design, but these human torso shelves may not have fit in with the overall vibe of the Brewery. I'm not really sure what these were used for, but if you're going for a serial killer motif at your joint, these are a steal.

4. A Sound System -- This seven channel amp is going to be a bargain for someone, it might as well be you. Bid early, bid often.

5. Garbage Bags Full Of Uniforms -- Somewhere in the future, hipsters will develop an ironic love of all things 2016, including old school brewery garb. just hang on to this until say, 2026, and make a killing selling it at Urban Outfitters.

Seriously, liquidation auctions, while sad, do contain some great bargains, you can peruse the entire auction catalog here.