Recently, a bunch of celebrities have been discussing their bathing habits well... at least their kids' bathing habits. And thanks to a tweet from a West Michigan woman, we now know what Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's bathing habits are.

I first caught wind of this (no pun intended) when Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis divulged to Dax Shepherd on his "Armchair Expert" podcast that they only bathe their kids when they are visibly dirty. Then, as if to support their friends, Dax and his wife Kristen Bell told the world that they "wait for the stink" to tell them when they need to bathe their children.

Now, you're probably thinking, "Well, that's their children, I'm sure that the adults bathe far more often than that." And you may be right. But, all of the sudden, some celebrities are piping in about how often (or NOT often as the case may be) they bathe.

Recently, Jake Gyllenhaal revealed to Vanity Fair that he finds bathing to be "less necessary", saying,

I do believe, because Elvis Costello is wonderful, that good manners and bad breath get you nowhere. So I do that. But I do also think that there’s a whole world of not bathing that is also really helpful for skin maintenance, and we naturally clean ourselves.

But not all of Hollywood is anti-shower.

A local woman took to Twitter to ask about The Rock, and what his shower habits might be like.

The Rock saw the tweet and decided to come clean about this grooming habits, saying that he's, "the opposite of a 'not washing themselves' celeb."

The Rock via Twitter
The Rock via Twitter

With all of that showering that he does every day, I hope that he has a good moisturizing routine.

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